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I’m not dead! I’ve just been really busy due to assignments and stuff at my polytechnic. But now that things have calmed down slightly, I return with a brand new idea for this blog: RANDOM STUFF TO DO!(RSTO for short)

What is it? Pretty much a few time killers when you’re waiting for some new anime to air or something like that.

Now that I’ve explained this, here’s today’s random thing to do:


Sure, this isn’t something new, songs that are prone to getting mangled(like banana phone) would have been reversed and released as an mp3 or on Youtube. But what I’m suggesting here is to listen to songs with no lyrics in reverse.

Songs with lyrics tend to sound odd when reversed(unless there’s back-masking, though there aren’t any songs I know of that have the entire lyric back-masked), so this will only work properly with instrumental songs or karaoke tracks. What you’ll need is:

  1.  A computer
  2. A sound editing software(I recommend Audacity, it’s free)
  3. Your music

The process is simple, open your sound editing program, import your song into the program, reverse the entire song, export it into an mp3 file(or any other sound format you want) and finally listen to it. You’ll be surprised how good some of these songs can be!(Can’t guarantee it’ll be good though, I have plenty of failures)

Currently I’m unable to let you guys hear any of my “experiment’s”, but I once I can I’ll make another post for it.

Once you’ve tried it out, you may want to try out the following:

  1. Listening to your songs with a higher/lower tempo but no distorted pitch.
  2. Listening to 1. in reverse.
  3. Reversing only parts of each song and then listening to the result.

And that was today’s RANDOM STUFF TO DO! Until next time~


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