LUCKY STAR 1st EP! I’m not dissappointed.

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If you’ve read the blogposts on Lucky Star on another blog, you’d probably noticed that many people were disappointed with Lucky Star. In my opinion, it’s only because this is a 4 koma manga-anime adaptation done by KYOANI. Therefore, people were misleaded to thinking that that there would be plenty of really crazy stuff like what you see on Haruhi. I, for one, found it to be good entertainment since I expected an Azumanga Daioh sort of thing. What makes it better is that the jokes in this episode is something we can relate to. For example: Continue Reading LUCKY STAR 1st EP! I’m not dissappointed….


KyoANi Strikes again!

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Yeah, again. Just when I stopped hearing the 1st one!



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This CM’s ingenius! I’m gonna turn this into my phone alarm now.


After the summer of AIR and the winter of Kanon, comes:

March 19, 2007 at 11:26 pm | Posted in Anime, CLANNAD, Game | 1 Comment

The spring of CLANNAD! Yes, the famous Key game gets the KyoAni treatment and there’s a commercial already released online.

Check it!

And now for a shot and an animated .gif, the latter instantly bringing this into my watch list.

I haven’t played the game, but this sure is caught my interest. Mainly because:

  1. The legendary KyoAni is doing this series.
  2. It’s based on a Key game, so I expect a good plot that’ll make me shed at least 1 tear.
  3. I heard it has plenty of quirky characters. Tomoyo even got a sequel all for herself!

It’s going to come out October, though, so we’ll have to do with other stuff for now. Maybe KyoAni’s upcoming Lucky Star will keep me entertained.

PS: The song in the trailer’s now stuck in my head, and I like it.

About Shuffle! Memories…I was wrong!

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Ok, scrap the previous theory! From what I’ve read and seen, the episodes are going to be in recap format for each of the girls! That’s right, RECAP MODE! This means there’s only stuff that can be seen in the 1st series, so I don’t recommend watching this if you’ve already watched the 1st season. At least…not yet. Since there’s about 6 episodes that’ll be done in recap mode, there’s still room for more episodes, which may have contain a surprise. Other than that, the recap episodes come with a special OP each for each featured girl! You can watch it on Youtube, or you could go to this page and get em!(There’re Raws, though.)

Oh, BTW(spoilers!):

Continue Reading About Shuffle! Memories…I was wrong!…

Manabi Straight!1st impressions…not.

January 25, 2007 at 1:32 pm | Posted in Anime, Manabi Straight | 2 Comments

I’ve got the 1st ep of Manabi Straight, but right now I’m still taking screenshots and working out how to do this 1st impression thing. So I’ll leave you all this animated .gif as a teaser:

Continue Reading Manabi Straight!1st impressions…not….

AH! SO THAT’S WHAT IT IS! Shuffle! Memories 1st look + Info for the clueless

January 12, 2007 at 9:51 pm | Posted in Anime | Leave a comment

Ok, let’s get it on!(Why did I think of that?O_O) I’ve just watched Shuffle! Memories Ep1 and finally got a grip on what on earth this new season’s about. Click “read more” to see my 1st attempt at a 1st impression thing.

Continue Reading AH! SO THAT’S WHAT IT IS! Shuffle! Memories 1st look + Info for the clueless…


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The 1st few anime this 2007 have started! But apparently, none of them have undergone any fansubbing yet. ^^; In this situation, I’ve decided to resort to this “strategy”, watching the RAWS and then watching the fansubs once their out! For this season, I’ve picked out 2 anime I’ll 100% watch. They are:

Continue Reading STARTING SHOT!!!…

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