LUCKY STAR 1st EP! I’m not dissappointed.

April 9, 2007 at 2:32 pm | Posted in Anime, Lucky Star | 3 Comments

If you’ve read the blogposts on Lucky Star on another blog, you’d probably noticed that many people were disappointed with Lucky Star. In my opinion, it’s only because this is a 4 koma manga-anime adaptation done by KYOANI. Therefore, people were misleaded to thinking that that there would be plenty of really crazy stuff like what you see on Haruhi. I, for one, found it to be good entertainment since I expected an Azumanga Daioh sort of thing. What makes it better is that the jokes in this episode is something we can relate to. For example:

Why didn’t you join the athletics club when you run very fast?

Because if I join the club, I wouldn’t be able to watch anime at golden time.

They even sight examples such as

when there is one last piece of meat left

and the cleaner takes it away when nobody’s touching it, after which you exclaim “Hey, I haven’t finished yet!” Oh, and the 1st part of the show touches on eating food.

But don’t fret if you really need anime references, there’s Street Fighter 2 reference in this one!

Konata “I saw Tsukasa getting harassed by a weird foreigner and engaged in battle with him, beating him up and finishing him off with a senpuu kyaku.”

Kagami “Why do you keep saying stuff about games!?”

What we also have in this ep is a short “Lucky Channel” segment. I’ll just post screens of it, but it’s quite humorous.

All I need now are speech bubbles.

And to top it all of, the 4 main characters go for karaoke. You only see the door and credits, but the conversation make me chuckle a little.

Yeah, and that’s it for my 1st impression of Lucky Star. I’d like to say that I’ll keep following this series to the very end.

PS: Aya-chan really nailed Konata’s voice. In fact, I could never have guessed it was her if I had not known beforehand!

PS#2: KyoAni pulled off another Hare Hare Yukai on us. The OP rocks!

Last minute PS: Apparently, this anime is still getting famous because of it’s OP, ironic…



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  1. I don’t really get people who expect Lucky Star to be the next Haruhi. Just because they’re both done by KYOANI and they both feature Aya Hirano as the main character doesn’t mean these two shows would have anything else in common.

    I haven’t seen the first episode yet, but I’m really looking forward to it. That SF2 scene looks fun!

  2. 1st impression counts. I think it focus on the moe factor

  3. Moe? Well, I guess moe is not EXTREMELY important. I must admit I liked Azumanga Daioh, and its a pleasure to see that KyoAni is doing something similar. Also, its nice to see all that cuteness going on in the opening, though its shortlived. The first episode was pretty interesting to watch, especially observing that otaku Konata constantly talk about games haha.

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