AH! SO THAT’S WHAT IT IS! Shuffle! Memories 1st look + Info for the clueless

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Ok, let’s get it on!(Why did I think of that?O_O) I’ve just watched Shuffle! Memories Ep1 and finally got a grip on what on earth this new season’s about. Click “read more” to see my 1st attempt at a 1st impression thing.

As you’d probably have read in some other blog, this new season features a new OP but still has the same ED. This new OP is more happy-sounding and is nice in a few ways but I don’t see myself listening to it over and over, though this kind of music isn’t really my type.

Anyway, this episode is a recap of what happened in the 1st season, with the protagonist, Tsuchimi Rin (土見 稟) doing the descriptions of the other characters.* From the narration, and the huge span of time I spent watching the 1st season(NO, MY LIFE!!! T-T) , I can safely assume that the next episode is going to start off the story from after a few episodes of the 1st season. If you don’t get what I mean, here’s a diagram (Please note that this is but an assumption based on what I observed):


[SEASON 2 episode 1]

————————————————————->Rest of episode 2

[1st few episodes of 1st season]

What I’m trying to state is that this episode was created to give a rough overview of what happened so that people who are new to Shuffle! would be able to understand what what the #### is going on without having to see the 1st season and without Studio WOW having having churn out episodes that people who watched the 1st season have to bear with. |drinks some water|

Well, I loved the 1st season, so I think I’ll be at least satisfied with this new season. It’s still to early to say that, though, so I’ll just keep watching it.

People who don’t know about Shuffle and want to know more, keep reading. Those who know alot about Shuffle already, don’t bother reading the rest or check out the last section for the purpose of the *)

Since I’m kinda lazy, I’m going to try and describe each main character in 3 sentances or less! OSU!

Tsuchimi Rin(土見 稟): The male protagonist, which every harem anime needs. As often found in harem anime, the male protagonist is indecisive and thus tempts me to rip out my hair at certain moments.** However, he is one of the best harem anime male protagonist(I’ll shorten it to HAMP…HAHAHA XD) in my own opinion since he’s not whiny or boring or anything like that.

Fuyou Kaede(芙蓉 楓): Everyone, the psychotic bitch perfect housewife character is back!*** Rin’s childhood friend and personal wife maid cook… you know what, forget it! Anyway, she stays in the same house as Rin (IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK, PEOPLE!) and is considered the school “princess”.

Lisianthus(リシアンサス)(aka.Sia): The genki (and academically challenged) Goddess is back with her chair!(OUCH!>_<) She’s the princess of the God relm and a potential bride for Rin. Anger her and she’ll wack you with her mother’s skill, the OSHIKARI CHAIR(I made the name up, but it’s true. ^^;)(*4)

Nerine(ネリネ): The demon relm’s princess and 2nd potential bride for Rin. She’s polite and gentle but will not hesitate to blast people who insult Rin with her uber magic!(*5)

Primula(プリムラ): Of course, let’s not forget the Loli character. Doesn’t show much emotion initially, but that’s cos she doesn’t know how to express them. I can’t reveal much, many spoilers.

Shigure Asa(時雨亜沙): Lastly, we have my personal favorite, Shocking Shigure! Very jolly(do people still use this word?), talented in all aspects(I think) and not boring at all IMO. Teases Rin ALOT (You’ll know what I mean) and has the trademark greeting: *Slaps back* HELLO, Rin-chan!

Phew, now on to the special section I’ve thought up for my blog posts:


* The seiyuu who did Rin,Sugita Tomokazu(杉田 智和), also does Kyon from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu.

**Yes, indecisiveness is always a trait of HAMPs. The only HAMP I can think of as an exception is Tomosaka Kenji from Lamune, which I think I’ll review soon.

***If you are absolutely clueless about the Shuffle! storyline, please PLEASE ignore the crossed out words.It’s for the best, Really!(*6)

*4 Oshikariお叱り=Scolding

side note:I’m not a Japanese expert since I self-teach myself, so don’t bug me for any translations for anything under the sun.

*5 Navel, the company that produced the game the anime is based on, produced 2 other games in the Shuffle! franchise. 1 of them is Tick! Tack! which is a sequel for the Nerine ending, while

*6 the other game is Really? Really!, based on the Kaede ending.

And that is all I have to type about for this post. Next time, I’ll keep posts for 1st impressions as short as possible and with some pictures.(I’m feeling too lazy to take some screenshots.&^^;)


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