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I’m not dead! I’ve just been really busy due to assignments and stuff at my polytechnic. But now that things have calmed down slightly, I return with a brand new idea for this blog: RANDOM STUFF TO DO!(RSTO for short)

What is it? Pretty much a few time killers when you’re waiting for some new anime to air or something like that.

Now that I’ve explained this, here’s today’s random thing to do:


Sure, this isn’t something new, songs that are prone to getting mangled(like banana phone) would have been reversed and released as an mp3 or on Youtube. But what I’m suggesting here is to listen to songs with no lyrics in reverse.

Songs with lyrics tend to sound odd when reversed(unless there’s back-masking, though there aren’t any songs I know of that have the entire lyric back-masked), so this will only work properly with instrumental songs or karaoke tracks. What you’ll need is:

  1.  A computer
  2. A sound editing software(I recommend Audacity, it’s free)
  3. Your music

The process is simple, open your sound editing program, import your song into the program, reverse the entire song, export it into an mp3 file(or any other sound format you want) and finally listen to it. You’ll be surprised how good some of these songs can be!(Can’t guarantee it’ll be good though, I have plenty of failures)

Currently I’m unable to let you guys hear any of my “experiment’s”, but I once I can I’ll make another post for it.

Once you’ve tried it out, you may want to try out the following:

  1. Listening to your songs with a higher/lower tempo but no distorted pitch.
  2. Listening to 1. in reverse.
  3. Reversing only parts of each song and then listening to the result.

And that was today’s RANDOM STUFF TO DO! Until next time~


LUCKY STAR 1st EP! I’m not dissappointed.

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If you’ve read the blogposts on Lucky Star on another blog, you’d probably noticed that many people were disappointed with Lucky Star. In my opinion, it’s only because this is a 4 koma manga-anime adaptation done by KYOANI. Therefore, people were misleaded to thinking that that there would be plenty of really crazy stuff like what you see on Haruhi. I, for one, found it to be good entertainment since I expected an Azumanga Daioh sort of thing. What makes it better is that the jokes in this episode is something we can relate to. For example: Continue Reading LUCKY STAR 1st EP! I’m not dissappointed….

KyoANi Strikes again!

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Yeah, again. Just when I stopped hearing the 1st one!



April 6, 2007 at 12:30 pm | Posted in Anime, Lucky Star | Leave a comment

This CM’s ingenius! I’m gonna turn this into my phone alarm now.


After the summer of AIR and the winter of Kanon, comes:

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The spring of CLANNAD! Yes, the famous Key game gets the KyoAni treatment and there’s a commercial already released online.

Check it!

And now for a shot and an animated .gif, the latter instantly bringing this into my watch list.

I haven’t played the game, but this sure is caught my interest. Mainly because:

  1. The legendary KyoAni is doing this series.
  2. It’s based on a Key game, so I expect a good plot that’ll make me shed at least 1 tear.
  3. I heard it has plenty of quirky characters. Tomoyo even got a sequel all for herself!

It’s going to come out October, though, so we’ll have to do with other stuff for now. Maybe KyoAni’s upcoming Lucky Star will keep me entertained.

PS: The song in the trailer’s now stuck in my head, and I like it.

REVIEW! Elemental Gerade, eh?

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HEY! I’m not dead!

I apologise for the lack of posts, had a lot of distraction. ^^;

So, moving on: I’ve just finished a marathon of watching Elemental Gerade. Why did I watch it? Cos’ I was curious. Why did I marathon it? Cos’ it caught my attention. Believe me, it’s hard for a whole series to catch my attention.

So now that I’ve watched it, should I say I’ve wasted 520+ minutes of my life? Well…read on.

Continue Reading REVIEW! Elemental Gerade, eh?…


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Check it here

The show just aired a few weeks ago, so this is FAST! It’s as if the people at GSC got infected with the “MASSUGU GO!” virus!

Anyway, I apologise for the lack of posts. It’s CNY after all. Expect either a “6 episode impression” of Manabi Straight or an “IT’S A POSE” post.

It’s A Pose! – Intro

February 10, 2007 at 12:35 pm | Posted in Pose! | Leave a comment

Ok, here at Otaku Poiiii, I’ve thought up something that you most probably wouldn’t find in other blogs, a whole category dedicated to something that can be seen in majority of manga, anime and games: POSES! Continue Reading It’s A Pose! – Intro…

About Shuffle! Memories…I was wrong!

January 28, 2007 at 8:53 pm | Posted in Anime, Shuffle! | Leave a comment

Ok, scrap the previous theory! From what I’ve read and seen, the episodes are going to be in recap format for each of the girls! That’s right, RECAP MODE! This means there’s only stuff that can be seen in the 1st series, so I don’t recommend watching this if you’ve already watched the 1st season. At least…not yet. Since there’s about 6 episodes that’ll be done in recap mode, there’s still room for more episodes, which may have contain a surprise. Other than that, the recap episodes come with a special OP each for each featured girl! You can watch it on Youtube, or you could go to this page and get em!(There’re Raws, though.)

Oh, BTW(spoilers!):

Continue Reading About Shuffle! Memories…I was wrong!…

Manabi Straight!1st impressions…not.

January 25, 2007 at 1:32 pm | Posted in Anime, Manabi Straight | 2 Comments

I’ve got the 1st ep of Manabi Straight, but right now I’m still taking screenshots and working out how to do this 1st impression thing. So I’ll leave you all this animated .gif as a teaser:

Continue Reading Manabi Straight!1st impressions…not….

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